On April 9 XPW triumphantly returned to Los Angeles after 20 years and exceeded all expectations producing the most violent and extreme deathmatch tournament in US wrestling history.
XPW crowned a new King of The Deathmatch Champion when Shlak violently beat and brutalized 15 other men with 100s of light bulbs, barbed wire, baseball bats covered in thumb tacks, fire, forks, salt, and even more barbed wire.
Words can not accurately describe the destruction of flesh and blood that Shlak, Masada, DIrty Ron, Big Fn Joe, Eric Ryan inflicted on each other in their quest to win this prestigious trophy made famous by the late Supreme.
XPW also saw the emergence of the Women's World Order (wWo) when Kat Martini came out to crown Taya Valkyrie the first XPW Women's champion when she was rudely interrupted by NWA champion Kamille. Kat Martini interfered in what was an incredible back and forth match setting up the XPW Women's Championship tournament at XPW's next show, XPW Beautiful DIsaster.
XPW Killafornia also saw the return of Jasmin St Claire, Veronica Caine, Angel, Vic Grimes, and Pogo the Clown.