Baptized in Blood 2

The first XPW King of the Deathmatch tournament made the grapplers of XPW famous. The second turned one man into a hardcore legend! Highlighted by the return of the original King of the Deathmatch, Supreme, eight men gave their all to survive a tournament filled with barbed wire, thumbtacks, broken glass, nails, lightbulbs, tables, ladders and chairs. Pogo the Clown, “White Trash” Johnny Webb, Homeless Jimmy, and Nozaki entered the tournament with the stacked deck of the Black Army’s Crones, Kraal, "Gigolo" Steve Risen, and Vicious Vic Grimes. The battles waged were undoubtably the most brutal in pro wrestling history as the eight men attempted to win the tournament and an instant shot at King of the Deathmatch, The Messiah!

Beds of barbed wire and nails
Vicious Vic Grimes vs. Kraq w/Angel

Beds of light bulbs and broken glass
Kronus vs. Homeless Jimmy Barbed wire, ladder and beds of thumbtacks Nozawa vs. “White Trash” Johnny Webb w/Jessica

Beds of barbed wire and thumbtacks
“Gigolo” Steve Rizzono vs. Pogo the Clown

Beds of barbed wire, broken glass and light bulbs
Winner of Grimes/Kraq vs. Winner of Kronus/Jimmy

Beds of nails, barbed wire and thumbtacks
Winner of Nozawa/Webb vs. Winner of Rizzono/Pogo

And in the finals a no-rope, barbed wire, beds of everything deathmatch

Champion: the Messiah w/Lizzy Borden and Rob Black Vs. winner of the Kotdm Tournament

"The Original Gangsta" New Jack Vs. “Mr. 80s” Dynamite D