Saturday October 22, XPW returned to the Derby Room in Pomona, CA bringing fans Halloween in Hell III. Rob Black opened the show, coming out to Vince McMahon's theme song, No Chance in Hell, telling fans that he is indeed the ultimate villain in wrestling.

LuDark Shaitan vs. Mickie Knuckles

The Body vs. Drake Younger

Dirty Ron McDonald vs. Pagano

Six Man Elimination Match for the XPW Television Title: Willie Mack vs. Judge Jor Dred vs. Human Tornado vs. Brawlin' Bo Cooper vs. Big E Biggs vs. Kat Martini as surprise opponent.

The MAGA Butcher vs. Terex

Sage Sin Supreme vs. Sawyer Wreck

XPW Heavyweight Champion Masada vs. Vampiro

XPW King of the Deathmatch Champion Shlak vs. The 'Hardcore Homo' Angel